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NengoCalc uses a comprehensive database of chronologcial data and era names to accomplish the calculation of the Western dates. The main algorithms and tables are derrived from Tsuchihashi. Starting with version 3, parts of the tables from Zoellner have been added to the database. A detailed comparison chart showing the differences between both works can be found here (PDF-File). Obvious errors in both works have been silently corrected.


  • Tsuchihashi, Paul Yachita 土橋八千太 (1952):
    Japanese Chronological Tables from 601 to 1872 A. D. 邦暦西暦対照表
    Tōkyō: Sophia University Press.
  • Nihonshi Daijiten 日本史大事典 (1992):
    Chronological tables, era names of the Northern Court

    Tōkyō: Heibonsha.
  • Reinhard Zöllner (2003):
    Japanische Zeitrechnung.
    München: Iudicium Verlag.